Why I Wrote The Book

on deck at bow in bermuda

Image by greg frucci via Flickr

During the Spring of 2011, I sailed a 30 foot, single mast sailboat to Bermuda from Wilmington, North Carolina as leg one of an intended journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Lisbon, Portugal…alone and filming the experience with remote High Definition video cameras. The footage will someday be edited into a documentary called, “Changing Course”. No other boats, no other people…just me and 700 miles of the indigo sea with all of it’s wildlife and wildness. The crossing to Bermuda took me 8 days. I was planning on a 6 day crossing, however I ran into a Gale Storm about 300 miles offshore into the 700 mile voyage. After beating into the storm for about five hours, I decided, along with the encouragement of a US Coast Guard C-130 aircraft crew, to turn around 180 degrees and head back the way I came and “run with the storm”. After another nine hours of dealing with storm, the seas calmed and I was able to turn my little vessel around and continue on my path to Bermuda. My vessel, the S/V Cuddy, sustained some damage, yet I was able to make it to Bermuda where I anchored up in St. Georges Harbor for 10 days. As of right now, the Cuddy is in Bermuda awaiting my return in November of 2011 when I will sail her back to Wilmington along with two other sailors. Upon returning to Wilmington this past June and while I wait in limbo here in Wilmington, NC, I began writing a book, “A Peaceful Journey Home: Changing Course” about how I arrived at this point in my 50 years of life and the spiritual journey to this day.

During the process of preparation, sailing to Bermuda and arriving back here in Wilmington, I also wrote poetry. In writing the main book, “A Peaceful Journey Home: Changing Course”, I started placing all of the poetry within the text and realized I already had a book which can be published…a book of poetry. Thus, “Inspiration From A Muse: Poems To Her” was created and has since been published as of August 9, 2011 available on Amazon.com and other outlets. The poetry book is a love story of not just between two people, but of Life itself. Read in sequence…the poems are dated with location…a story of inspiration is revealed. The story is real as are the feelings expressed yet, the ending is in question as all paths in Life are. People who read these poems can relate to the challenges a life of Love presents to us. A positive energy is present in the story. By keeping Faith and Hope alive within our souls, we can overcome any wall of life we face. This story will hopefully inspire males and females alike to continue along our individual paths in a loving way. The people who have read the small book thus far have smiled and told me “Thank you”. I cannot ask for more than that…the purpose of the book is to inspire Hope in Love…the book does just that, with the end result being Peace.

Greg Frucci…August 30, 2011…Masonboro, North Carolina

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