This is a book of thoughts by another human like you. Deep down within our souls, we are all the same. Yes, our experiences…our physicality…so many others aspects of you and I are different…yet…at our core…you and I are the same.

Seemingly random, these writings will hopefully bring about a thought process within you…as the thoughts did with me as they poured from my being onto paper…well…computer. 🙂 We all have random thoughts throughout each day. Yet, at the core of those thoughts, one can find a link because the thoughts are related to a greater Way of Us. At the end of the day, if we reflect on our thoughts of any particular day…we can find a relationship. The thoughts are Us. This book will hopefully do the same during the process of you reading these words. My thinking is, as you go along, you will see a relationship of ideas…a philosophy of Life as it relates to Love…and it’s all about Peace.

We struggle with Peace and Love everyday.

Love is a mystery to be solved by only those who feel the emotions…Inspiration From A Muse: Poems To Her is a part of the mystery two people encounter on their individual paths of Life. During the process of self-discovery, a recognition of unconditional Love of Self can be achieved…the product of which can be a Way of expression of unconditional Love of others…the High Temple of which can be another Soul you are connected with…a Soul thus becoming a part of you…for me at least.

This small book of poems was written during a period of time before, during and after a voyage alone on a 30 foot Performance Irwin sailboat (S/V Cuddy) from Wilmington, North Carolina to Bermuda as Leg 1 of a planned Atlantic Ocean crossing to Lisbon, Portugal and will be an appendix of the book, A Peaceful Journey Home: Changing Course which I am currently writing about the spiritual and physical journey of a man in search of answers to common human questions. I filmed the crossing using remote HD cameras and will become a feature length documentary film called Changing Course.

“Inspiration From A Muse: Poems To Her” is a Love story…

with each Love story…

the ones with the most meaning to the ones involved…

there will always exist struggle…

Walls to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome…

Our story is a powerful one…this I feel…this I know.

Greg Frucci…July 25, 2011…Wilmington, North Carolina


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